swamp wars
Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 10:44 AM
For the past few days the Caterpillar bulldozer has been standing completely idle on the nature reserve at Booterstown and today its driver, perhaps a mr Dempsey, the owner, was just polishing his car as I went by. That must be costing Dunlaoghaire- Rathdown council a pretty penny every day.
I think we might conclude that the naturists are winning the war as we have certainly won the battle against the machines during the last few skirmishes.
Of course, the machines may only be regrouping for a final assault when they accumulate sufficent rubble ammunition; we can only hope that that is not so.
Had a beautiful swim at Dun laoghaire beach around midday at high tide - no seals today but lots of people, mostly spanish, enjoying the cove. Of course, us irish are too blas`e and busy motoring about to bother about such a place, what with all our second homes in the west.
I stopped off for my, by now, regular headstanding vigil at Booterstown reserve and notice that people only seem to notice you when you are upside down and that goes for the sign on my back too; a driver stopped to tell me it was upsidedown!
It's a pity that no one will read this; I get a feeling, perhaps paranoia, that my site has been blacklisted by Google as very few searchers are directed to reclaimthesea.com although there is much information therein.

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keeping it wild
Saturday, July 8, 2006, 05:51 AM
Since they, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council, tear down every notice board on which I write DUMP , I decided to use myself as a notice board and spent about four hours standing mostly upright but for a while upside down on my head at the milestone outside the reserve yesterday with my placard 'dump Booterstown reserve'. I think it made a valid statement and got a favourable response from the public.
The people seem to be genuinely shocked at this vandelous action of partially filling the reserve with rubble and debris from the roadworks. and I hope to get the council to remove all this deposit so that the place can return to nature.

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dump Booterstown reserve
Friday, July 7, 2006, 06:34 AM
Who needs a nature reserve anyway in this open air mental asylum we call Ireland?
All we need is another place to dump our rubbish and what better place than the sea or a sea-inlet.

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What makes Ireland corrupt
Thursday, July 6, 2006, 09:33 AM
For years we have blame foreigners like the English for our troubles but, perhaps, it is just the nature of the place that makes it like the sow that eats its young as said by one of its exiled writers.
Certainly, today landlordism is more vicious than ever where most young people are reduced to serfdom paying enormous prices for poor crowded tenement style 'homes'.
There were stories of the awful conditions experience by the ordinary people in the time of the Georges before the act of union in 1800 as told by Jonathan Swift and others and blamed on the occupying forces.
But today, with no occupying forces times are not much better; workers are force to work all their lives at minimum wages just to pay to keep a roof over their heads and the landowners can charge anything they like for a plot of ground to build a house and it may only be good for 100 years or whatever length the 'freehold' conditions say or until the apartment block is condemned.
Then we have these landgrabbers all the time trying to create new greenfield sites from seaside locations such as now at Booterstown Nature Reserve.

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Booterstown nature reserve vandalised
Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 03:46 AM
It's hard to believe that we could be so two-faced and avericious as to destroy the only nature reserve in south Dublin by dumping all the old road debris right down the middle of it and that done by the Dunlaoghaire-Rathdown council, which is supposed to guard and preserve that reserve.
The habitat of the wildlife and especially the sea-birds is completely destroyed after it had remained undisturbed since 1840 when it was formed by the railway viaduct passing over the sea-inlet here. It was the only quite resting place for birds away from the mad ingress of human activity.
It is only lucky that Paddies are not in charge of Sarengetti or Krugar or Yellowstone natural reserves because they would use them as dumps just like they are doing with this little reserve.
The council are doing this dumping, in my opinion, so as to facilite a certain big builder and his band ' the finest in the land' with his plans to build apartments on the adjacent field also reclaimed from the sea by the railway builders.
Undoubtedly, we live in one of the most callous nations on earth where only the interests of landlords matter and the rest of us serfs can fuck off for ourselves and become disability recipient beggars - it's the land of the Irish Ripoff Artists (IRA).

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