water madness
Sunday, July 23, 2006, 12:13 PM
Guess cannot expect much sense from Councils who spend money advertising people to turn off water while washing their teeth and to put bottles of water in the fridge rather than let taps run when the same councils let garages continue to run car washers.
Surely it is more important for a human to have clean teeth than to travel in a shining automobile and shouldn't the water be conserved to keep a healthy level in the reservoirs so as to minimise contaminants in the drinking water.
This seems to say everything about modern Ireland where the car-owner is God and the bigger it is, the more he is to be revered. Roads are finished like snooker table or bowling green surfaces and the only deaths that seem to matter are those that occur on the hallowed roads to the Gods in their firey chariots. If you are not in a mechanically propelled vehicle when you die chances are your death won't make the news.
It was a beautiful day at the seaside again today , but I had to laugh at all those trying to swim at Seapoint when the tide was low and they had to wade out so far when they could have got adequate water depth only a metre from shore at DunLaoghaire beach, but did they want to see or not be seen, that is the question - not as Hamlet said to be or not to be!

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booterstown sanctuary bird landing runway
Saturday, July 22, 2006, 12:32 PM
It's becoming a chaplinesque type comedy- the going-ons by Dun Laoghaire -Rathdown county council at theBooterstown nature reserve. They keep on moving the dumped rubble with their hired caterfillar to creatively give the impression to us gullible public that they did it all for the birds when, in fact, they only used the reserve as a convenient place to dump all the roadworks rubble.
This whole Rock road remaking really reeks of corruption - I doubt that even the Mafia would get away with such a pointless exercise in Sicilia, causing the greatest inconvenience to the travelling public for close on a year and making not the slightest improvement to this carriageway. The only people who benefit from this mad deconstruction are the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown council and their favoured subcontractors. The only visible change after the work is completed will be the tiphead formed down the middle of the reserve and, perhaps, this was the only real reason for digging up so much rubble and backfilling with concrete and pipes.
Interestingly, I doubt if Google directs anyone to this site if they search for Booterstown nature reserve although, I think I am the only one to post anything current that is going on here. If Google 'does no evil', perhaps, it does no good either!

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Caterpillar disgorging waste at Booterstown sanctuary
Thursday, July 20, 2006, 12:18 PM
Wonder of wonders, as I past the Nature reserve at Booterstown today on returning from my swim at Dun Laoghaire beach, what did I see, not one, not two but six big dumper trucks lined up on the new causway in the reserve waiting , presumably, to be serviced by the poor overworked caterpillar earth mover and to take away part or all of the council prick of a prometry.
There must be some real going-ons about this embarrassing situation whereby the Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown council sought to pull the wool over the eyes of the Minister of the Enviroment in that they tried to justify their action of dumping thousands of tonnes of road wastage in a bird sanctuary by claiming to be making a 'bird island'. Did anyone ever hear anything so stupid - solid ground for birds whose habitat is water and marshland and who need to be protected from human interference!

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Booterstown sanctuary caterpillar burrowing away
Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 03:00 PM
For the past three days the caterpillar has being moving earth and rubble around on the heap in the sea-inlet to what purpose is not clear. First the caterpillar grabbed some of the obvious concrete road-waste and fed it to a pacman like dumpster which carried it away. Now the caterpillar seems to be devouring a channel cutting through the dirt causway and isolating the knob of the prick which, apparently is to become a landing platform for sea-birds. I would have thought that what these birds need most is wetland where they can rest in peace and build their nests.
This monstrous artificial 'island' is going to become a resting place for birds alright; but it will be those of the durex copulating kind and their noisy beer swirling and can throwing mates. The natural birds would not be seen anywhere near the resting place of such louts.

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caterpillar comes out of its cocoon at Booterstown nature reserve
Monday, July 17, 2006, 02:05 PM
Today the caterpillar earth - eater was again busy at the nature reserve; this time it was busy regoritating the concrete part of the debris it had laid down the middle of the reserve in the sea- inlet. Apparently the powers that be have decided on a token gesture to conservationists by removing the obvious concrete pieces from the dump but have no intention of removing the huge causway they have had the caterpillar lay down in the first place.
I had the head of the Green Party call to my door canvassing today and asking me if I had any worries. Of course, he 'knew nothing' concerning this 'degreenification' of the Booterstown bird sanctuary or anything about Dun Laoghaire beach either not to talk of how Balscadden bay, Howth, has been made so inaccessible by appartments built across the approach path. Politicians should be really called pretenders because they pretend they care about our welfare but only care about their own pay and pensions.

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