was ronald regan right?
Friday, June 3, 2005, 03:52 PM
03.meitheam 05
It was reported that the late great western cowboy and president remarked while flying low over the Californian coastline that he could see no reason why the seashore should be kept open to the public because the vast majority only wanted to crowd themselves into a few selected spots by the sea. It seems to be no different here where swimming in the sea is almost like going to mass -its not for its beneficial effects but to see and be seen we go there.
Another big 'waterworld' scandal breaks the news today; Ireland's only olympic facility costing 62 million for the government to have built, was given over to some shady company to run for 30 years , but this company hasn't even paid the agreed low rent nor maintained the place. Now the government want to get it back but they may not be able to do so.
It appears that these itinerant gansters are in the process of taking over ever public asset they can lay their hands on; promising all kinds of benefits for the people but delivering nothing but property and cash for themselves. They must have ways of twisting the arms of the Corporators until they yield up all their assets to them - God help our future generations who will find nothing for free and be barred from the sea unless they can drive miles to the middle of nowhere to reach it.

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stunned by reaction
Thursday, June 2, 2005, 01:11 PM
02 meitheamh 05
One cannot but help feeling a little pleased when one moves the Corporators to do something; and to suck seed in getting them to remove the years accumulation of rubbish from Dun laoghaire beach was very sweet today.
Perhaps, they will now take a fresh look at this beautiful sea enclave and realise that it is a jewel beyond price and with a little care could bring great rewards to the town itself - much more in the long run than any concrete erection could spew out.
As usual the madding crowd think the case is lost and it is up to the few to point out the danger they face of losing the soul of Dunlaoghaire to some Satan for a few million dollars which will be quickly frittled away.
The crescent is already beautifully laid out, thanks to our old enemies, the English, with steps and seats for visitors and walkers and the sea never gets far from the shore so one can swim even at low tide without having to walk miles over sand. The shore is quite rocky out to the end of the walkway piers of this 'gebiet wonderschon'making it a natural paradise and a bathers dream.
It is to be wondered how any body could ever contemplate putting such a 'gebiet' under concrete and what legal right has anybody to buid on the foreshow below the high water mark. If this goes ahead, every Joe Soap with land bordering on the sea will be able to extend his acrage simply by moving his mountains into the sea and we will wind up with no Irish Sea but a condominium from here to Wales.

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I've got a lot of balls
Monday, May 30, 2005, 03:08 PM
De Luan 30.05..05
I've got precisely eight hard balls and a few soft ones following an afternoon of cleaning up Dun Laoghaire beach beside the baths.to which I ran like a scared cat from the wrench throwing and 'bar-wielding head reckers' of my favourite Fortyfoot This, the only free Cois Farraige in the Dún (palace) of good old chief OLaoghaire, has been abused to a terrible state so that it resembles a tiphead rather and a recreational spot; the gravelly shore is covered with massive stones and concrete rubble, which must have been deposited thereon relatively recently by or with the consent of the present rulers of the Dún.
The rubble not only blocks the smooth entry of bathers into the sea but acts as a filter to hold all debris arriving from other parts of the bay as well as that thrown in by the people squatting there. All in all it makes for a very unpleasant approach to the beautiful sandy bathing area as good as Biarritz and is, probably, done so that the Corporatorators may be justified in giving the area away for 'reclaimation' and building.
Following my noon time swim, I, being just as unemployed as those squatters, decided unilaterally to clean up this beach and collected all the rubbish into three big bundles.
I would like to have taken the rocks out also but, not being Samson and without the machinery used to put them there, that was beyond my powers.
By 16.00 the beach was considerably cleaner and, wonder of wonders, the squatters had left. One small step for a man, one giant step for mankind!
Feeling so good about how clean it was I did not resist the temptation to have another swim in the beautiful rising tide although my clothes and towel were soaking after the soft day we were having.
Before returning home I dropped a note into the county managers receptionist to say that the rubbish from the beach had been piled up in three heaps above the high water mark and he might wish to have it removed in accordance with the litter pollution act of 1997etc..

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threat to life at fortyfoot
Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 04:45 AM
We enjoyed a very pleasant swim at the fortyfoot between 10.00 and 11.00 today and even kept the dog tied up outside. However, when I released the dog on exiting the fortyfoot he chanced to run across a rocky patch in which the 'volunteers' had placed some plants although it is certainly not their property. One 'volunteer' threw a spanner at the poor dog which landed at my feet, perhaps, deliberatedly. Another 'volunteer' shouted abuse at me personally and at the dog although he had done absolutely no dirt or damage to the place.
This fellow followed me down towards Sandycove beach and threatened me something to the effect that ,besides being lame, I might get a blow of a bar across my head.
This made me to wonder if that is how the man who was supposed to have been injured by diving met his end. They might have hit him with a bar and pretended he hit a rock in order to swindle two million out of the insurance.
Anyway, I think I should place an account of this threat in the public domain in case they carry it out and also pretend that I injured myself diving.
I wonder why they have this great hostility towards me and if it has something to do with my campaign to have the sites of the baths open to the people instead of being handed over free to private 'developers'

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dirty dublin bay
Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 09:42 AM
24 may 05
I'm sorry to say that I have been disappointed with the conditions of the bay as I found them at The Halfmoon , Pigeonhouse. This used be a site of swimmers from the south Bull Wall well out into the bay and one would think the water would be pretty clear here> but I went for a swim at high tide on Sunday and although it was nice to swim in I couldn't help feeling a bit dirty from the water becuse of algae floating in it. Today it seemed even worse with alot of scum on it too.
By contrast the water at the Fortyfoot was lovely and clear and clean. This Scotsmans area of the bay seems to be the cleanest part of all Dublin bay. Perhaps its due to its depth or strong currents changing the water.
It will be a scandal if the Corporators get away with their proposed reclaimation of this beautiful bay. So ridiculous too, when all the rest of the bay is so useless except for looking at. Of course The Irish seem to delight in looking at shit out their front door. it keeps anyone from building in front of them so that they can continue to enjoy the view of the shit.
Just like a poor farmer I came across down in Kerry once who had the animal dung heap piled up at his door.
Only pigs would build their sty on such a beautiful and pleasant seashore as Scotsman's bay but I know pigs have better taste than that. Even little bonhams go to the farthest end of the shed where they are born to defecate. They could teach us a lesson in how to keep our enviroment pleasant.

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