threat to life at fortyfoot
Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 04:45 AM
We enjoyed a very pleasant swim at the fortyfoot between 10.00 and 11.00 today and even kept the dog tied up outside. However, when I released the dog on exiting the fortyfoot he chanced to run across a rocky patch in which the 'volunteers' had placed some plants although it is certainly not their property. One 'volunteer' threw a spanner at the poor dog which landed at my feet, perhaps, deliberatedly. Another 'volunteer' shouted abuse at me personally and at the dog although he had done absolutely no dirt or damage to the place.
This fellow followed me down towards Sandycove beach and threatened me something to the effect that ,besides being lame, I might get a blow of a bar across my head.
This made me to wonder if that is how the man who was supposed to have been injured by diving met his end. They might have hit him with a bar and pretended he hit a rock in order to swindle two million out of the insurance.
Anyway, I think I should place an account of this threat in the public domain in case they carry it out and also pretend that I injured myself diving.
I wonder why they have this great hostility towards me and if it has something to do with my campaign to have the sites of the baths open to the people instead of being handed over free to private 'developers'

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dirty dublin bay
Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 09:42 AM
24 may 05
I'm sorry to say that I have been disappointed with the conditions of the bay as I found them at The Halfmoon , Pigeonhouse. This used be a site of swimmers from the south Bull Wall well out into the bay and one would think the water would be pretty clear here> but I went for a swim at high tide on Sunday and although it was nice to swim in I couldn't help feeling a bit dirty from the water becuse of algae floating in it. Today it seemed even worse with alot of scum on it too.
By contrast the water at the Fortyfoot was lovely and clear and clean. This Scotsmans area of the bay seems to be the cleanest part of all Dublin bay. Perhaps its due to its depth or strong currents changing the water.
It will be a scandal if the Corporators get away with their proposed reclaimation of this beautiful bay. So ridiculous too, when all the rest of the bay is so useless except for looking at. Of course The Irish seem to delight in looking at shit out their front door. it keeps anyone from building in front of them so that they can continue to enjoy the view of the shit.
Just like a poor farmer I came across down in Kerry once who had the animal dung heap piled up at his door.
Only pigs would build their sty on such a beautiful and pleasant seashore as Scotsman's bay but I know pigs have better taste than that. Even little bonhams go to the farthest end of the shed where they are born to defecate. They could teach us a lesson in how to keep our enviroment pleasant.

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the power of one
Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 07:35 AM
18 May 2005
Perhaps, I live in a dream world and like to praise myself but i find it hard not to feel chuffed about two things that happened in the last week.
one was the big protest held on Sunday against the council's plans for the sea baths at Dunlaoghaire. When i started my reclaimthesea campaign about three years ago people told me it was useless to oppose a'decision already taken by the people with money'.
The first attempt at privatising this prime piece of seaside came to nothing and , hopefully, this second attempt will also be shot down. The politicians ought to be ashamed of themselves as they are elected to safeguard the peoples' rights.
The second success i would like to claim is the disappearance of the foul smell of shit which was wafting from the central sewerage treatment plant on Dublin bay at least for this morning when I cycled around there with my dog Sylvester.
Of course, these developments may have happened without my tail-wagging atal - not like I would like to imagine the tail wagging the dog; but it makes life worthwhile to think one may be right an odd time and to get support for your view.

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smell of shit over dublin
Friday, May 13, 2005, 03:31 PM
dublin used to be famous for the foul smell from the liffey at times but the old river no longer smells. What does smell obnoxiously is the city sewerage treatment plant at Ringsend- Irishtown-Sandymount. As I passed through Sean More (once lord mayor) park, Irishtown this morning the smell was overpowering from the works to its west probably more noticable because of the east wind.
It should be possible to have the foul gases sent up a chimney like the esb generator chimneys and dispersed in the atmosphere. A builder would not be allowed to allow sewerage fumes escape below roof level of a building and the Council should be under a similar obligation to remove the vapours of their massive septic tanks from the reach of the citizens.
It seems that the lawmakers here are above their own laws - 'do what i say not what i do', seems to be their motto.
Even the sea shore at Irishtown doesn't look too healthy with a lot of green stuff growing on the sand, so the treatment plant doesn't seem to be saving the sea either.
how do cities twenty times as big as Dublin deal with their sewerage, I wonder.
I think no place in London or New York would you come across such revolting smells - it would make you wonder if the Paddies can get anything right, as the English always believed.
Sinn Fein we waddle along in our own shit.

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swimming at pigeonhouse, dublin bay
Thursday, May 12, 2005, 02:31 PM
It was a beautiful may summer day in dublin - a good day for making hay as i used to do with my dad on the farm that was once ours = i had a farm in clare once!
there are few places so gloroous as dublin on a summer day but its not because of coffee at eleven or a stroll in stephen's green although they are good too,; its because of the wonderful bay that the city is built around but which it sees less times than it goes to mass.
I took a cycle down to the pigeonhouses and had a swim at the 'half-moon swimming and waterpolo club' sea base with Sylvester my dog and thae water was just perfect there.
It would be great if we could somehow get some present day teams to play in the sea at theses locations to show how enjoyable the sea is to play in. I had a nice chat with a father and his three chuldren who came to have a barbeque at the half-moon building. Two of them were four year old twins of whom the boy was called Alexander. I said all boys called Alexander must find it a big challenge to match up to Colin Farrell, as if!
Couple of old dubliners arrived to lunch there as well - maybe costume will be necessary next time. But, interestingly, one said that there was considerable opposition to what was proposed for Scotsman;s bay, which gave me great heart. It might transpire that the councils leave the bay and the beaches alone and stop trying to wall off the sea from the people.
In the afternoon I took my Rocky dog out to Blackrock and had a short dip there - pity all those people who don't know the delights of the sea - for what else would a person get out of bed a t 5 oclock in the morning as some do.

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