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rás na naomhóg (currach race)
Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 12:45 PM

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Why do we know so little Irish?
Monday, July 18, 2005, 04:33 PM

Every one in Ireland has 'learned' Irish from th4age of 5 to 18 at least but still practically none of the general public speaks it and that is a shame. I think it is because it has become the preogative of 'professional' teachers and all the modern writing in Irish is only done by and for teachers who make a great living by keeping us in ignorance. Not many of us are like George Bernard Shaw, who said he educated himself despite his teachers.
The Patagonians, who descended from Welsh immigrants still speak Welsh but we Irish cannot speak our native language despite all the money the government spends every year 'teaching us compulsory Irish.

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Jímin Mhaire Thaidhg
Sunday, July 10, 2005, 12:59 PM
Jimín Mháire Thaidhg

Níor éirigh idir mé féin agus Mam ar feadh abhfad.
Bhíos im' bhucaill maith,tá's agat! Nó cheap Mam go rabhas,
agus b'é an dá mhar a chéile é. Nuair thagainn isteach istodhche deirinn léi gur thus i dtigh Mháire Aindí a bhínn, ag tarrac uisce agus ag breith mhóna isteach do Nell. Deireadh mo mháthair go mb'fhearra dhom fuireach ar fad acha. Ag magadh fúm a bhíodh sí thuiginn; ach deirinn-se léi ná fágfainn mo mhaimí féin ar aonne.
Ar m'anam ná feadar ciaca ag magadh bhínn féin nó nárbh eadh.
Is amhlaidh atá an scéal idir mé féin agus Mam: go mbímíd mór le chéile uair umásach agus amhrasach ar a chéile urmhóir ár shaoghail agus mise bocht i mbroid is i mhórbrón an chuid eile den aimsir.
Aimsir na broide atá anois tagaithe orm. Táim féin is Mam i gcogadh dhearg le n-a chéile. B'fhéidir nach mar sin is ceart dom cur síos air,mar is í sin atá i gcogadh liomsa agus mise ag díol as go cráite agus go dóite. Is mór an tubaist d'aon bhuacaill bocht a mháthair do chur scairt an uilc uirthi féin chuige. Níorbh fhiú trí leathpinginí do shaoghal aici, a chroidhe, nuair a bheadh an faobhar uirthi chughat. Sin a dhuirt Daid, leis.

This is the sad story of a 13 year old boy always getting up to mischief and being chastised by his mother, who he tend to blame for all his troubles - the poor woman. I had similar feelings about my poor mother putting the blame always on me as I was growing up and letting my sisters off scot free. At least Jimín didn't have a younger brother whom his mother could fawn upon. But her heart was in the right place and she did it all with the best of intentions and she gave her life for us ungrateful children.
My poor mother passed away to Heaven last week 'when Ireland's fields were green, and they carried out her coffin down the old bog road'

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burren rocks
Saturday, July 9, 2005, 03:12 PM
The burren is a hilly area in northwest Clare just south of Galway bay with a unique almost lunar bare limestone surface. The rocky surface appears to give it a warmer temperature all year round than other parts of Ireland so that exotic plants grow there.

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Friday, July 8, 2005, 12:06 PM
Their is wonderful landscapes all around Galway bay from the Burren in Clare to Connemara in Galway.The stonework is like lacework and sometimes very fine - you would think the stone walls would be pushed over by the wind or a sheep, but they seem to have survived for many maybe hundreds of years.

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