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Bailey Lighthouse

Bailey Lighthouse is,perhaps, the biggest lighthouse in Ireland and its function is and has been for centuries to guard the northern entrance to Dublin bay from its high advantageous position on the hill of howth and to alert ships to the rocky and dangerous coastline below by night and under foggy conditions by day.
The hills of Howth rolling down to the sea present one of the most spectacular sights on all the east coast of Ireland.
Howth head is a wonderful uncluttered nature friendly place to walk and swim in its beautiful coves such as at Redrock which, by the way would be called Golden Rock because of the colour of the stones if it was anywhere but among the deprecating Dubliners.
There is a narrow tortuous hill top path 'facilitating' access to the sea all along the coast to the Bailey lighthouse and allowing the walker to communicate with the wild and domesticated flora and fauna far from the 'madding' crowd.
It was on the hills of Howth that Molly finally said "yes, yes, yes,...." to Leopald Bloom according to James Joyce in Ulysses.